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Enshin Karate

Enshin Karate is a practical system of empty- handed self-defense based on a strategy of circular movement allowing you to use your opponent’s power and momentum against him or her. This strategy known as "SABAKI", enables its practitioner to convert defense into offence using circular movement to the outside of an attack.

Instead of absorbing the blows of an attack met straight on, you will learn how to avoid impact by moving to a “blind spot” position from which you can use the attacker’s power and momentum against them.

Enshin Karate stresses the development of flexibility, power, and speed, with emphasis on stretching, conditioning and technique. Training Enshin Karate builds spiritual awareness, mental alertness, a sense of confidence, and provides resources for meeting the challenges encountered in life.

Enshin Karate was developed by Kancho Joko Ninomiya Winner of the 1978 All-Japan Full Contact KarateTournament and Director of the World Sabaki Challenge.