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Training at Home

Posted By Dino Kardas  
20:00 PM

I would like to thank everyone for keeping an open mind in regard to the online class program I have implemented. It has been very successful so far as many students continue their Enshin Karate training under the guidance of myself while training in the safety of their home.

These are unprecedented circumstances, we can choose to do nothing or we can "accept the spirit of challenge" embrace the situation, improvise and find other paths to reach our goals. We all have the power of technology, we all use it every day. Let use these technology's to enable us to continue on the path.

 I have been so happy to see families  taking it upon themselves to create a training environment at home. This is easily achieved and very affordable, your local Kmart, Bunnings and other retailers sell Mats that you can lay down in an area of your home in which to practice.

Pad training is easily accomplished by using a spare pillow, a piece of foam, or if you have purchased your own pair of Armguards  in the past from our Dojo Shop. This is also great opportunity for parents to get involved by holding the Armguards, pillow or foam for their children to practice.

Using a  simple fold out chair for balance is a great way to train kicking technique .

These are just some examples of how to improvise with easily accessible and affordable items that can be transformed into very effective training tools.

In a time when all other activities have been cancelled Enshin Karate is a fantastic way to keep students active, fit and healthy.


Sensei Dino Kardas