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Classes resume at the Dojo - Monday 22nd Of June

Posted By Dino Kardas  
16:30 PM

Dear Students and Parents,

Just an update to the restrictions for opening the Dojo on June the 22nd.

The regulations for Junior classes have changed.

Junior Classes
From June 22nd there is no restrictions to classes with students 18 years old or under and contact training is permitted.

What this means for us is Junior classes will be back to normal training from the 22nd of June, there are no restrictions to class numbers or contact training. You are able to bring your kids to any junior class/classes that suit your family's schedule.

Can parents watch classes?
The regulations say that parents can stay as long as social distancing is followed. We will have limited space at the Dojo for parents but parents are welcome to watch providing there is room and we can follow the 1.5m rule.

Senior Classes

With regard to senior training we still need to respect the regulations until mid July. From July the 13th the Senior class restrictions will be lifted, Contact training will be permitted

I am permitted to run classes with 10 students per group for an enclosed space. This will mean that we able to have 10 students upstairs and 10 students downstairs, these numbers does not include instructors.

For the duration of limited training  I will be classifying  all senior black belts as instructors. It is also my intention to continue running  Zoom classes until the end of July giving every student the opportunity to train.

For the month of July all fees will remain at $70 per month for all students training in the Dojo or through Zoom.

As of the first of the 1st of August normal training fees will come into effect
$70 one class per week  - Per calendar month
$95 unlimited training   - Per calendar month
Family discount Unlimited Training $80.00 per  student (3 or more members of same family)