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Australian News and Events

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Australian Events

2019 Promotion Test Dates - Kardas Dojo

April 2019

Juniors (White to Blue)            Mon 1st  Apr 2019

Juniors (White to Blue)            Wed 3rd  Apr 2019

Juniors (Advanced Juniors)      Thur 4th Apr 2019

 Juniors (All Ranks)                   Fri    5th Apr 2019

 Juniors (All Ranks)                   Sat    6th    Apr 2019

 Seniors (All Ranks)                   Sat    6th    April 2019

August 2019

Juniors (White to Blue)             Mon 5th  Aug 2019

Juniors (White to Blue)             Wed 7th  Aug 2019

Juniors (Advanced Juniors)       Thur 8th Aug 2019

Juniors (All Ranks)                     Fri    9th Aug 2019

Juniors (All Ranks)                     Sat    10th   Aug 2019

Seniors (All Ranks)                     Sat    10th    Aug 2019

December 2019

Juniors (White to Blue)              Mon 9th  Dec  2019

Juniors (White to Blue)              Wed 11th  Dec 2019

Juniors (Advanced Juniors)        Thur 12th Dec 2019

Juniors (All Ranks)                      Fri    13th Dec 2019

Juniors (All Ranks)                      Sat    14th    Dec 2019

Seniors (All Ranks)                      Sat    14th   Dec  2019


2019 Australian Junior Sabaki Challenge

- Saturday 9th of November 2019